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Does It Seem Like Everyone These Days Is A Photographer?

Booking qualified clients and generating Sales in photography are harder to get than ever before....after all, you're not just competing with other photographers, You've got parents and teenagers with cameras who can easily take photos on their phone and devalue what we can offer as professional photographers.

But, it's not just the insane amount of competition you face..

It's also that everyone these days seems to be a photographer.

It's getting harder and harder in today's world of digital to book clients and offer a quality product that says that you aren't just a photographer, but a real artist!

These challenges explain why 50% of businesses fail in their first 5 years..

So, how do you create and sell jaw-dropping Artistic Montages in the most competitive market ever?

Before I answer that, let me introduce myself

Hi, I'm Dan Frievalt M.Photog, M.Artist, Cr.

I've been creating, selling, and teaching others all about Artistic Montages for over 12 years and they consistently have filled my schedule with qualified clients as well have created a niche that sells me as an artist, not just a photographer.

That's why I urge you to read this entire page all the way to the end--what I'm about to tell you could help brand you as an artist, fast-track your sales, put more money in your pocket, and ultimately, change the future of your photography business..

The #1 Skill that Leads to Branding you as an Artist, not just a Photographer

In the years I've spent earning my Master Photographer, Master Artist, and Craftsman (teaching) degrees, I've learned that branding yourself as an artist, not just a photographer is what sets high-performing studios apart from their competitors...PERIOD.

Success isn't about flashy websites, quality, or even a well-organized corporate structure. While all those things can certainly help, without learning how to create art easily and efficiently, they're just a waste of time, money, and effort. After all, you can have the most amazing art in the world, but if you can't convince people of its value, your sales will tank.

Amazing systems, on the other hand, can sell just about anything. We've all heard of the "Starving Artist" syndrome. It's very sad that many of the most creative photographic artists I know struggle with selling their art or have a hard time creating art efficiently so they can maximize their profits. They are great at being creative, yet lack the sales skills to boost sales. Clearly, a great system to create and sell art is what they lack.

But where do you get get a system to create and sell art if you have no experience?

Well, if you're like most photographers, you've probably have tried to create something artistic yourself, maybe even searched YouTube. Unfortunately, with YouTube, you usually run into one of the following problems:

A huge waste of time

You find yourself weeding through endless hours of ads and techniques that end in dismal results. While you may be able to find some cool techniques you never really find the full system you need to create and sell art to your photography clients

They lack the right knowledge

Most artists and photographers struggle with creating art and then in turn selling that art, many times just knowing where to start is a huge hurdle to get over.

They never show the whole process

YouTube can be a great resource for some things but if you really want to take your photographic art to the next level and boost your sales, then you need an entire system in place for your greatest success.

So where does that leave you?

Feeling frustrated about the time and money you're wasting trying to learn techniques that don't help you make more income.

Of course, you could always invest in a college education or in-person workshop...

However, that comes with its own set of problems:

Time and money?

As a photographer, your time is probably stretched thin enough as it is. Do you really have weeks, months, YEARS, to devote to becoming a great artist? Probably not. Worse still, every minute you spend honing your artistic skills is time away from your primary job—running your business.

More importantly, do these schools even teach what is relevant to selling art in today's market??

Using your camera to create art that sells can be easy if you have the correct system in place so that you are creating something that people desire and are willing to pay you large amounts of money because they value your skills

It's depressing because up until now, you've only had a few options:

  1. To hire a graphic artist, even though it's near-impossible to find or afford an employee to create for you.
  2. To learn yourself in a college setting, and that will take years to become great at it, making it completely impractical.


WOW your clients with Artistic Montages

And increase your profit dramatically!!

There's never been a really great online course option—an affordable, easy-to-use option that teaches you how to quickly and easily create jaw-dropping Montages that your clients will flip over.

Fortunately, I've got a solution that does exactly that.

Introducing Montage Mastery

Montage Mastery is the one-of-a-kind online course that helps you create Montages in minutes proven to sell like crazy..

Even if:

  • You don't have an artistic bone in your body
  • You're a Photoshop newbie
  • You are new to photography or don't have a studio

Imagine having the confidence to create Artistic Montages for your clients without the stress of knowing where to start, regardless of your skill level. My Montage Mastery course is a secret weapon for creating Wall Art that will add value and profit to your studio.

But don't just take my word for it.

See what others have to say about Montage Mastery:

"I had one request from a senior mom for a “collage” for her son. I seized the opportunity and created my first Montage from photos I took of her son during football season (quarterback). She loved it. I shared it on Facebook and since then, have sold 7 more!"


"Another successful Montage and another happy customer. Thanks, Dan Frievalt for the springboard to a unique way for me to combine both my photography and graphic design abilities. No one else is doing this in my area which certainly gives me a leg up on the competition."


"Dan thanks so much for opening up my sports portraiture to a whole new level! I have recently upped my game with these Montages to give me a whole new level of awesomeness! Coming from someone who has never used a blending mode in her life your step by step Montage course made it so easy to accomplish! The many ideas are rambling through my head! The buzz has been tremendous!"


As you can see, many photographers have had amazing results with Montage Mastery...You can too!

 Imagine what it would be like to create jaw-dropping Montages quickly and easily and...

 ...sell Wall Art for massive profits even if you have never sold Wall Art in the past

...easily attract new highly-motivated clients who want what you're creating

...quit worrying about what your competitors are doing

...stop wasting time and money chasing clients who only want digital files and don't appreciate you for your artistic value

...have more time with your family and not have to worry about working endless weekends to just get by

You can easily accomplish all these things with Montage Mastery.

Compete Online Training

Montage Mastery will train you how to be a profitable photographic artist that will leave your competition in the dust

Get Montage Mastery Now

Making Money with Montages

The most successful photographers in the world know how to create art and sell that art for top dollar. I've taken all my years of knowledge and bundled it into this highly effective course that teaches you from A-Z how to Market, Photograph, Light, Pose, Create, and Sell Montages for huge profits.

Want clients who will book you not based on price, but instead on your artistic skills?

Just show your first completed Montage after taking my course and watch your message box light up with people wanting you to create a Montage for them!

Need a boost to your Marketing?

Montages create instant buzz-marketing for you

Looking for a way to sell high-end products like Wall Art?

Selling Wall Art of Montages is a breeze with my easy to follow sales techniques.

With Artistic Montage Course, you'll get hours of step-by-step video tutorials that you can watch over and over, no monthly or yearly subscription fees plus free upgrades for life.

My Artistic Montage course is designed to walk you through all of the steps to quickly teach you how to create these epic Montages and then sell them in order to MAXIMIZE sales & profitability

Even if you are a beginner at photography or photoshop, you can learn how to easily create Artistic Montages

Because your time is limited, you need an online course solution that's quick and easy-to-use.

The Artistic Montage Course teaches you everything you need to know to create, market, and sell Montages, and it's stupid simple to learn (no matter what your skill level).

You don't need to know anything about Photoshop.

You don't need to have a studio, I show you how to create Montages on-location if that's all you have.

You don't even need to be artistic, I give you all the shortcuts to become an artist in this course!!

Anyone can create these Artistic Montages in minutes with just a few simple steps

  1. Photograph your clients - live events or posed images (hobbies and sports work best)
  2. Open your images in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements - Don't worry! I'll provide you step-by-step instructions and helpful examples to show you all the simple steps to create a Montage with my fast and easy, no-cut out method.
  3. Make Final Edits - Finish your Montage with a few simple color grades and you are ready to sell!
WITH Montage Mastery, YOU'LL GET:
  • My proven instruction to marketing Montages so you can significantly boost your sales
  • Ways to implement Montages to create a viral buzz for your photography business and have clients busing down your doors to have you photograph them
  • Pricing and Selling Montages as Wall Art that your customers will LOVE and will fill your bank account while your competition tries to keep up with you
  • Hours of step-by-step video tutorials on Creating Montages using my easy "No Cut-Out" method (even if you're a beginner in Photoshop)
  • How to create Montages with very limited gear, you don't have to be a photography geru to create Montages
  • How to create Montages from any type of image, including indoor, outdoor, action shots...even from images that you didn't take
  • How to create Montages for any niche, not just sports or seniors. I give you tons of money-making ideas that work for any type of photography you specialize in








Montage Mastery Is A Bargain

When you consider everything you get with Montage Mastery...

---Hours and hours of video instruction plus marketing and selling scripts that have taken me years to develop to ensure you get the entire process to learn my Artistic Montage techniques

...Montage Mastery is an incredible value at just $497!

If you had to hire a graphic artist to create Montages for you, it would cost much more than $500 for each Montage, at least. Learning how to create Montages yourself and branding you as a Photographic Artist with my course is a fraction of that cost and allows you to create art that you will be proud to sell to your clients.

There's also no risk to try it—I offer a 100% 14-day money-back guarantee.

Special Bonus Items

Everyone likes free stuff, right!?!? With your purchase of Montage Mastery, I'm also throwing in all of these FREE bonus items...

BONUS #1 Textures

My personal Texture Pack--which is one of the main secrets to my Montage style. Having the correct textures to start with greatly increases your success and my personal texture pack includes proven results to get my grungy look. $97 value FREE

BONUS #2 Stadium Lights

My Stadium Lights add more interest to your Montages, plus they work great for composites! The more layers of interest you can add to your Montages helps create a more powerful image and these Stadium lights add a ton of interest that takes your Montages to the next level. $57 value for FREE

BONUS #3 Posing Guide

I show you all of the best sport poses for Volleyball, Softball, Baseball, Golf, Football, Track, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Dance, and Soccer. Starting with correct poses that you get in-camera before you start your Montage is key to limit you time creating the Montage later. These poses are all put together to speed up your success. $197 value for FREE

BONUS #4 Montage Lighting

Learn how to use studio lights to create powerful edge lights that will make your Montages really POP! The better your lighting, the more dynamic your Montages will be and this Lighting video I walk you through the steps I use for the "edgy light" that I use for both Montages and Composites. $97 value for FREE

Special Bonus #5 - Montage Images & Video Instruction

When you invest in Montage Mastery, I'll also add a collection of training images and a new bonus video that you can follow along and use the same images I use to create a Montage so you get the exact results as I do. This bonus allows you to really dive deep with the Montage course and have a studio sample to help you sell Montages asap --- Value: $297

These Bonus Items alone are worth over $700!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

No risk, you have nothing to lose! If you are unhappy with the Montage Course, just let me know within 14 days and I will give you a full refund.

Montage Mastery

Your Secret Weapon to Super-Charge Sales and Selling Wall Art

You risk losing clients if you aren't creating something artistic that your competitors can't produce. You will just be competing on price and when it comes to price, most clients will choose the less expensive option unless you show them something that is different and artistic. My Montage Mastery course shows you how to create art quickly and easily, plus shows you how to market and sell your Montages so that price isn't a factor and you get booked more often.

For just $497, you'll get:

--Hours and hours of video instruction plus marketing and selling scripts that have taken me years to develop to ensure you get the entire process to learn my Artistic Montage techniques

--All the tools you need to start offering and creating Montages today, plus over $1300 in bonus items

If you don't completely love the Montage Mastery course and the amazing results you get with it, I will refund EVERY PENNY of your purchase, within 14 days of your purchase.


Montage Mastery Pricing Options

Choose the pricing option that works best for you and you'll be taken to our secure checkout page where you can pay with Stripe, Visa, AMEX, or PayPal.

Total Value over $1500


One time payment

  • Step by step video instruction on how to create Montages 
  • Marketing and Selling Montages for huge Profits
  • Lifetime Access, Watch online 24/7/365
  • Bonus #1: Lighting Video for your Montages - $97 Value
  • Bonus #2: Stadium Lights - $57 Value
  • Bonus #3: Montage Posing Guide - $197 value
  • Bonus #4: 30 Montage Textures - $97 value
  • Bonus #5: Sport Images for Montage Creation - $297 value

Only $497 for a limited time. Plus you get all the Bonus items valued at over $700!

14 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Total value over $1500

$1542, only $497

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Payment Plan


4 Payments of $137

  • Step by step video instruction on how to create Montages 
  • Marketing and Selling Montages for huge Profits
  • Lifetime Access, Watch online 24/7/365
  • Bonus #1: Lighting Video for your Montages - $97 Value
  • Bonus #2: Stadium Lights - $57 Value
  • Bonus #3: Montage Posing Guide - $197 value
  • Bonus #4: 30 Montage Textures - $97 value
  • Bonus #5: Sport Images for Montage Creation - $197 value

4 Payments of only $137 for a limited time. Plus you get all the Bonus items valued at over $700!

14 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Total value over $1500

$1542, 4 Monthly Payments of only $137

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Not just for Sports

Montages can be created for any niche....even from vintage images!

Let's do this!

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommend Adobe Photoshop or Elements for the best results. Any software that uses layer blending modes and layer masks however would give you similar results.

I start with basic Photoshop techniques so if you are a beginner to using Photoshop; I have you covered. Next, I unveil how a few basic tools in Photoshop (or Adobe Elements) and my system is all you need to start creating stunning Artistic Montages. Even seasoned pros are amazed at my techniques and now use my process to save precious time. I even show you how to create Montages if you don't have a studio!

No, not at all. I show you how to create Montages from images captured in a studio setting or live-action images. I even show you how you can create Montages from images a cell phone or from images you didn't even take!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

No risk, you have nothing to lose! If you are unhappy with the Montage Course, just let me know within 14 days and I will give you a full refund.

The beauty of this course is that I not only show you how to create these Montages but also how to Market, Price, and Sell them. Unlike other Photoshop instructional only courses that don't give you the selling aspect. Many of my students have paid for this course after selling just one Montage....I think that makes this course well worth the investment.

This may be the most important artistic decision you may ever make!

Even after everything you're read about Montage Mastery, you may still be on the fence.

At this point, you can go in 1 of 2 directions.

You can try Montage Mastery for just $497.

With your purchase, you'll get hours of Montage instruction including everything you need to create these jaw-dropping Montages, including Marketing, Sales, Lighting, Textures, and Posing. These professional techniques have been proven to give you the fast-track to becoming a Photographic Artist—even if you don't have a creative bone in your body. Montages are the easiest way to immediately turbo-boost your sales! It's also super-affordable. Selling just one Montage will have paid for this course. In fact, if you try my Artistic Montage Course and you're not completely satisfied with it, I'll refund every penny of your purchase—meaning you risk nothing with this option.

You can ignore this offer and continue…

  • ...losing photography clients because you just offer photography and not something artistic 
  • ...feeling frustrated over the dismal sales results you're getting
  • ...working endless hours and not having quality time with your loved ones
  • ...wondering what you need to do to really increase sales so you feel confident your business will make it
  • ...settling for lower profits than your photography is capable of 

The choice is clear.

That's why I urge you to invest in yourself with Montage Mastery today.

Limited Time Offer

This is a limited-time offer, I want as many people as possible to get out of the rut of working weekends and endless hours editing in front of a computer and teach them how to make more income creating Artistic Montages and selling them as Wall Art for massive income.
Try Montage Mastery risk-free today, a one-time rate of only $497!
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