Composite Mini Course

Introducing my Composite Mini Course.

If you struggle with Photoshop or don't have a clue on how to create a composite, I'm here to help.

I mean, I feel your pain. When I first started doing composites, I couldn't find any info on how to create them.

And YouTube is full of unorganized, hard to learn techniques.

That is why I created an easy to follow Composite Mini Course just for you!

This beginner composite course is set up to help guide you through the steps to use my Sports Background so that your images look real and not fake.

Many of these techniques have taken me years to learn and develop.

I could easily charge over $100 for this course, but since I really want to see you succeed with learning composites, I'm only charging $27

In the Composite Mini Course, you'll discover:

-How to extract a subject using Photoshop CC or outsource your extractions to save time
-Basic lighting info for composites
-How to place a subject into the Sports Background to look real
-Color grading to match your subject to the Background
-Adding Textures, Glow, and Fog for atmospheric realism
-Free Football Player is included to extract and follow along
-Over 95 minutes of step-by-step video instruction
-Watch online or download and watch offline

 *Please note my Montage Course is a completely different technique that I teach and completely different than this Composite Mini Course.

If you are interested in learning more about my Montage Course, please click here:  Creating Artistic Montages

**You must have Adobe Photoshop or Elements to use the Background and follow along with the course. Adobe Photoshop CC is recommended. This course does not include software and is not associated with Adobe in any way.


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