Unleashed will take your sport images to the next level with edgy graphics mixed with stadium lighting. If you are looking for a template to make your images stand out, this is it...get UNLEASHED today!

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The Deets

Seven different sizes are included and because of the ratios used, they can be cropped to just about any other size that fits your needs.

  • 4x5 ratio (16”x20” 300dpi) Vertical PSD file
  • 2x3 ratio (16”x24” 300dpi) Horizontal PSD file
  • 2x3 ratio (16”x24” 300dpi) Vertical PSD file
  • 1x2 ratio (12”x24” 300dpi) Horizontal PSD file
  • 1x2 ratio (12”x24” 300dpi) Vertical PSD file
  • 1x1 ratio (16”x16” 300 dpi) Photo Button PSD file
  • 4x5 ratio (16”x20” 300dpi) Horizontal Memory Mate PSD file

Endless Possibilities

Unleashed is great for a wide variety of sports including Football, Soccer, Track, Lacrosse, Band, Softball, Baseball, Rugby, Field Hockey, plus many more!

Plus you can change the template to any color to match teams or remove elements for even more options, the possibilities are endless!

Layers Included, check out this video

Easily drop your sports images into the Unleashed Template for dramatic results. Multiple files and layers are included so you can easily customize the elements, colors, and layout to fit your needs.


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And add an edge to your sports teams or seniors!

Only $97 - Unleash me!

Not just for Sports

This template works great for so many other activities, not just sport related! Think outside the box and create images that make your studio stand out from the crowd.

You get all 7 templates for only $97

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