Mega Studio Success Bundle

Combine my most popular products for a fast track to your photography success and save over $260!

You get it all, Creating Artistic Montages, Pricing for Profit, Model Rep Success Pak and as a FREE Bonus my Super Grunge Texture Pak!!

 Creating Artistic Montages:

In this digital video lesson, I show you how I market and create Artistic Montage images to my clients. This video details my complete process which easily explains how you too can create these hot selling images without spending all day to create without the hassle of "cutting out" your subjects. Super easy and super fast!!

In this tutorial lesson you get:

  • Over 3.5 hours of step by step video instruction
  • 5 FREE Bonus Textures to get you started
  • 20 minute 3 Light Video showing studio lighting for your Montages
  • FREE Stadium Lights image to take your montages to the next level
  • Bonus Webinar content including a helpful Montage Critique by Dan

Adobe Elements or Adobe Photoshop is needed to create the Artistic Montages. Includes sample images for inspiration. Total run time 130 minutes.

Great for Seniors, Weddings, Pets, Sports, Military, Families, and Children!! Boost your averages by adding these Artistic Montages to your studio today!

Pricing for Profit:

Learn my Create A Collection system of sales to boost your photography averages and let my price menu do the sales for you.

Follow along in this course and templates as I walk you through the secrets of my Create a Collection Price Menu and using projection sales to raise my averages to over $3000. I also show how you can reach sales of over $8,000 with my system. The beauty of my Create A Collection Pricing is that you have no ceiling on what people will invest with you unlike with packages. The possibilities are endless!

Learn my In Person Sales techniques using ProSelect, Projection Sales, and my Create A Collection system of pricing to make the most of each sales session!

Plus you get 1 Edgy Pricing menu Template with 10 pages, 1 Modern Pricing Menu with 10 pages and 1 Watercolor Pricing Menu with 10 pages. With a few clicks in Photoshop, these templates allow you adjust and fit any studio brand. Adobe Elements or Adobe Photoshop is needed. 

New Bonus item: Dan's Sales Scripts! Are you stuck with how to respond when someone puts up roadblocks in your sales sessions? My Sales Scripts help by giving you the right words to say to overcome common objections and close the sale!

Edgy Templates:

Modern Templates:

Modern Watercolor Templates:

Total run time 85min.

FREE BONUS VIDEO INCLUDED: "Little Time, Big Impact" where I go over how I used social media and displays to market my business on a tight budget.

Model Rep Success Pak:

Have you ever wanted to start a Model Program for your studio but didn't know where to start? Or maybe you have done Model Programs in the past and they've failed for you.

I was just like you until I decided to trash the "old" way of doing Model Programs and created a system that has been working for years! My system generates huge buzz and fills my schedule for the Senior Season.

In this course I share all my secrets to success with my Model Program, plus all these helpful products that I've spend years perfecting:

- Over 1.5 Hours of video instruction on how to start and run a successful Model Program
- 35 Instagram templates
- Snapchat for Photographers Guide (Snapchat is the hottest social media platform for seniors right now)
- Funky Fashion Inspiration images
- Drag and Drop Sample Emails to use for your studio
- Clothing Consultation Guide to help you and your seniors prepare for their session
- Model Handbook for your Model Program
- Model Contract
- Senior Booking Form
- Photo App Guide
- Displays and Social Media Guide

FREE Bonus Super Grunge Texture Pak:

Included are 25 dirty, grungy urban textures taken from centuries-old buildings in Mexico.

Also comes with a Photoshop action for easy use and editing.

Plus a Bonus Video showing how to get either a grungy or painterly look to your images


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