Model Rep Success Pak

Have you ever wanted to start a Model Program for your studio but didn't know where to start? Or maybe you have done Model Programs in the past and they've failed for you.

I was just like you until I decided to trash the "old" way of doing Model Programs and created a system that has been working for years! My system generates huge buzz and fills my schedule for the Senior Season.

In this course, I share all my secrets to success with my Model Program, plus all these essential products that I have spent years perfecting:

- Over 1.5 Hours of video instruction on how to start and run a successful Model Program
- 35 Instagram templates
- Snapchat for Photographers Guide (Snapchat is the hottest social media platform for seniors right now)
- Funky Fashion Inspiration images
- Drag and Drop Sample Emails to use for your studio
- Clothing Consultation Guide to help you and your seniors prepare for their session
- Model Handbook for your Model Program
- Model Contract
- Senior Booking Form
- Photo App Guide
- Displays and Social Media Guide


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