Music Templates and Overlays

Create Rockn' images with these digital Music Backgrounds, Microphones, and Music Sheet overlays plus video lessons and lighting instructions to help you achieve the best results.

You get all this:

- 7 Music Templates to insert your subject for instant results

- 47 Retro Microphone overlays to add to any image

- 15 Flying Music Sheets overlays to add to any image

These templates are the most versatile templates I have ever created! I'm blown away by all the different looks I have built-in with the templates and the bonus overlays. Just turn on or off the layers for the different added effects.

Included are all of these templates, just add your subject and you are ready to rock!

Retro mics:

Retro Mics with fire and rustic floor option:

Retro Mics with a modern floor:

Texture background with music note graffiti:

Texture background with carved notes:

Flying Music with urban background:

Flying Music with nature background:

Bonus Retro Mic and Flying Music overlays to add to any image for amazing results! Every image is extracted and ready to simply drag and drop onto your images.

47 Retro Mic overlays:

15 Flying Music overlays:

Non-composite image with Flying Musicoverlays added:

Non-composite image with Flying Music overlays added:

Non-composite image with Retro Mic overlays added:

Add my Flying Fabric to create stage curtains (Flying Fabric sold separately)

Add my Frievalt Flares and Fog for a more dramatic effect (Fog and Flares sold separately)


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