Lighting for Montages and Composites

Join Dan Frievalt M. Photog. CR. as he walks you step by step how to light for edgy Montages and Composites. 

Dan covers in detail on how to light and shoot for Montages and Composites in this 20-minute video tutorial.

What's covered:

  • Lighting Fundamentals
  • Larson Softboxes
  • RadioPopper Jrx
  • Alien Bee and White Lighting Strobes
  • Paul Buff Beauty Dish
  • Model interaction and tips

Please note: This video is included in my popular Creating Artistic Montages tutorial as of 4/5/16. If you purchased my Montage tutorials before 4/5/16 this video was not included.

If you would like to skip purchasing the Lighting video and get the whole Creating Artistic Montages tutorial please click here.


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