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Retro Gym Backgrounds

Welcome to the Retro Gym backgrounds and course. Included are 10 digital backgrounds and video lessons to create epic...

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Freedom Background

Create Patriotic composites with this American Flag digital background. Also works great as a desktop background! In...

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Super Grunge Texture Pak

Included are 25 dirty, grungy urban textures taken from centuries old buildings in Mexico. Also comes with a Photosh...

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Lighting for Montages and Composites

Join Dan Frievalt M. Photog. CR. as he walks you step by step how to light for edgy Montages and Composites.  D...

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Free Tutorials

Hey all...If you are new to Seniors Unlocked, welcome! I wanted to add a few free tutorials to help answer some comm...

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Italy Textures

These textures are some of my favorite ones that I use all the time. I captured them while traveling throug...

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Colored Smoke Overlays

Instant WOW factor! Getting smoke to look great in-camera isn't always easy, plus smoke grenades are expensive ...

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All Star Stadium

Composites Have Never Been More In Demand! Grab the All Star Stadium template today and start creating epi...

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Hollywood Lights

Inspired by Vanity Fair photoshoots and vintage Hollywood movies, my Hollywood Lights are sure to make your...

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